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Spittle, Slobber And Cock Snot Make The Cocks Go Down

LOOK at this photo carefully !

This is TOTAL trust, respect, and understanding of the Power Exchange between an ALPHA and a submissive.

It speaks volumes, and every submissive should look deep into that photo and go, “is that me ?”

If it is, go to the front of the class, and beg to be of service, to be trained by the right MASTER, for you.

And as a side note, not every MASTER is right for you, asshole DOMS may not be your thing, gentle MASTERs like ME, may not be right for you,

BUT when you find the right MASTER to serve, don’t fuck it up by allowing your head games and hesitations to get in the way. The right MASTER does not always come along often, (and frankly nor does the right slave). So, stay grounded, and know your internal wiring and what you need to be eternally happy.


Think about it……..

MASTER uses you terribly……

Your holes are sore….

NOTHING SIR does speaks to your sexual side….. your sexual interest…. Your fantasy….

What do you do ??? Run ? Disappear ? Second guess ?

NO, you dig very deep, “why are you here”  ?

For “you” or “HIM” ?

Thoughts for every boy to think about.

a submissive wishes to please,

a slave thinks of its MASTER pleasure,

"its" reward comes later knowing it has done well to serve THE MASTER, when SIR raises HIS eyebrow in acknowledgement, pats boy on the head, or says ‘good boy’ !

Knowing it has done well to serve, makes the boy content and happy, even if it has not been given permission to ejaculate itself.



Follow gag the fag SIR
Follow gag the fag SIR

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